Industrial X Dining Table


This simple yet elegant table brings the best of the farmhouse and modern style together.

Pick your desired wood species for your table top. Don’t know which is right for you? Scroll down and click the “Wood Types” tab for more information!

Southern Pine $0.00 Maple +$450.00 Ash +$550.00 Walnut +$950.00
Seamless Top $0.00 Seams Between Boards +$250.00 Natural Edge (Slab Look) +$550.00 Epoxy River Inlay +$1,550.00
DarkWalnut $0.00 Early American $0.00 Honey $0.00 Ebony $0.00 White Paint $0.00 Antique White Paint $0.00 Black Paint $0.00 Cotton Grey Paint $0.00
Dark Walnut $0.00 Early American $0.00 Honey $0.00 Ebony $0.00 White Paint $0.00 Antique White $0.00 Black $0.00 Cotton Grey $0.00

Only use these options if Epoxy River table is being purchased!

None Sky Blue $0.00 Ocean Blue $0.00 Bright White $0.00 Silver $0.00 Gun Metal $0.00 Shimmer Gold $0.00

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About Your Table

  • Beautifully grained and finished with 3 coats of lacquer. We guarantee the smoothest table top you’ve ever owned.
  • Available in multiple stain and paint choices.
  • Available in clean or distressed finishes.
  • Available with a Pine or an Oak Table Top. Here is a breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of each:
    • PINE– Southern Pine is incredibly beautiful when finished and also inexpensive. The major drawback of pine is that it is a soft wood. If you drop a hammer on it, it will leave a dent in the wood. Many customers actually love this however, as your table ages with you and your family. You have memories tied to the dings and scratches on the table.
    • OAK– Oak is a premium hardwood that is both incredibly beautiful and incredibly durable. If you purchase an Oak Table it truly is an heirloom piece. Your children will have it one day when you’re gone. Oh, and good luck trying to beat it up.  The only drawback is that it is a premium hardwood making it more costly upfront.
  • Available in 6″ increments from 5-10 feet in length.
  • Seats 6-10 people depending upon size. Below is a great rule of thumb to determine what size table you need:
    • 5-6 ft table – seats up to 6 comfortably
    • 7-8 ft table – seats up to 8 comfortably
    • 9-10 ft table – seats up to 10 comfortably
  • The Watson Bench matches this item perfectly.
  • Ships via LTL or is available for local pickup or local delivery. Please view our FAQ’s page to get more information on pickup and delivery.

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